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Kim Jackson
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Bienvenidos a mi primer video! Les muestro parte de mi paseo por Las Galletas. Tenerife es una isla muy bonita, espero que os guste pasear y verla conmigo!

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All About the city

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Business travels

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In this video, I'm going to show you how to include travel time to Google Calendar. So, open up your Google Calendar on your desktop, Go to an event where you want to adjust the travel time to. As you can see, I have an example one here set up. And I have the location of where I need to go to for this event.

What I'm going to do is click on the location to open it up. On the right hand side, you should see an option for directions. Tap on this. Now select the location where you need to travel from and where you need to go to. Once you've got that set up, then you need to tap on the option where it says add to calendar.

So now, the event has been added to the calendar, just above your main event that you need to go to.

If we click into this, It basically tells me that my drive from my location to this particular location of the event will take X amount of time. And that's the time that I need to leave up. Hope you find this video helpful. Thank you for watching Until next time.


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I feel I'm just getting started. I haven't felt this excited for an upcoming year since I started my YouTube channel back in 2018, so that means it's going to get exciting and I plan to work real hard to obtain the goals I want.

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Two events were added to BDO on 5/31/2017.

- My submission to the Rose Festival Screenshot Event

- Travel the world with rulupee for 14 days(2 weeks)

- Rose Festival Screenshot event

#bdorosefestival2017 #bdo #blackdesertonline

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Hello Embracers !! I decided to vlog a business trip with my friends and a day of family support!! SMASH that like button, hope you enjoyed, love you xoxo?

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Check out what goes on when you take 190 people to Buenos Aires!

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#Shorts Honey khan travels events ???#####

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Rhythm Travels® is a newly launched travel agency that provides a Global Event Guide where music fans can search for Concerts, Festivals, Carnivals & Clubs from around the world. From there buy the event ticket or send in an inquiry for flight & ticket to the event.

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Come to one of our Travel Tuesday Events here at Blue Skies Travel!

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